Summary of all Donations

43 Online donations :
- donated by visitors: £542.77
- plus Gift Aid reclaim: £117.71
Online total: £660.48
Offline donations: £2,944.32
Total value raised: £3,604.80
Donation processing costs: £24.13
Target exceeded: £3,604.80
Donation Processing Costs Example
Donation: £10
+ Gift Aid @ 25%: £2.50
Platform fee of 3.2% on donation + Gift Aid: 40p
Payment processing fee of 1.9% + 20p: 39p
Money received by charity: £11.71

Donations to recorded charities

Epilepsy Action Epilepsy Action
43 Online donations: £542.77
Offline donations: £2,546.43
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Donations to non-recorded charities

Offline donations: £397.89
Notes to the above:

Online donation figures include all donations made via this donate page to Epilepsy Action and includes any Gift Aid reclaimed on behalf of eligible organisations.

Offline donations include cash, cheques and any other donations paid directly to the fundraising organisation. This offline donation total is updated periodically by the Tribute Guardian in conjunction with the fundraising organisation.

The "total raised" figure shown above therefore reflects all monies raised from all sources, both online and offline. Thank you for your support of this Tribute Fund.